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Busan Digital University

Graduate School

Busan Digital University Graduate School of Human Services

Busan Digital University Graduate School of Human Services was opened in March 2013 and based on the founding ideology of Dongseo Academy, 'Christianity to love God and neighbor', 'theoretical and practical skills for solving problems in the future society' needed in the era of the 4th industrial revolution. The educational goal is 'cultivating convergence-type talents with

Dept. Counseling Psychology

Based on the understanding of human behavior, emotions, and thoughts, it fosters integrated counseling skills, and fosters counselors with the ability to understand, diagnose, and intervene in addiction and crisis, adolescents and families, and therapeutic interventions.
  • Cultivating professional counselors with counseling skills who have a healthy and warm personality who understands and accepts themselves and others
  • Cultivating counselors who can diagnose psychological problems arising from personal cognition, emotion, and thinking and provide effective intervention

Dept. Social Welfare

It aims to cultivate social welfare experts with knowledge and skills in social welfare practice and social welfare administration experts with practical skills in the social welfare delivery system.
  • Nurturing clinical and practice experts in social welfare.
  • Nurturing experts in social welfare administration.