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Busan Digital University


Dept. Family and Youth Counseling

Nurturing youth instructors and promoting professionals with theoretical and practical skills in the field of counseling therapy and family counseling.

  • Training youth instructors needed by youth activity organizations
  • Training youth counseling professionals to address youth issues such as delinquency and addiction.
  • Fostering family therapy professionals for the entire life development process.
  • Providing a practical training curriculum for counseling and psychotherapy.

Dept. Counseling Psychology

Nurturing counseling professionals who have a holistic and scientific ability to understand human conditions, an understanding of a broad range of counseling theories, and practical skills for psychological healing and the realization of a healthy society.

  • Training counseling psychologists through systematic instruction based on psychology.
  • Conducting comparative training courses to strengthen counseling psychology ability and employability.
  • Creating a human network through various offline activities.

Dept. Psychotherapy

Training professional counselors and psychotherapists for the field of personnel psychology

  • Promoting competence in cognitive behavioral therapy.
  • Promoting competence in mindfulness-based psychotherapy.
  • Promoting competence in art psychotherapy.

Dept. Welfare for the Elderly

Nurturing experts in care and assistance for the elderly by providing knowledge and skills in the fields of social care and assistance for the elderly

  • Fostering care experts for the elderly by providing knowledge and skills in the field of social welfare and care for the elderly.
  • Fostering care consultants through old age living counseling for the elderly and promoting expertise and technology in the field of care services.

Dept. Social Welfare Management

Providing management abilities for social welfare.

  • Fostering active and forward-thinking welfare experts and management experts.
  • Training leaders for the management of social welfare institutions and for quality management in social welfare.

Dept. Social Welfare

Focusing on training social care professionals equipped with clinical expertise and practical skills

  • Nurturing social care professionals equipped with clinical expertise and practical skills for actively responding to various problems and welfare needs of people.
  • Fostering experts in social care services in a profession with little possibility of substitution by artificial intelligence in the era of 4th industrial revolution.

Dept. Rehabilitation Counseling (Change of department name)

Training convergence rehabilitation professionals with social care and rehabilitation counseling skills

  • Promoting a society that can actively deal with the changing welfare environment and the increasing need for rehabilitation assistance.
  • Cultivating rehabilitation and wellbeing experts by operating a curriculum for wellbeing and rehabilitation counseling for the disabled (vocational rehabilitation).

Dept. Computer Engineering

Cultivating Creative Convergence IT Experts for leading the 4th industrial revolution

  • Fostering experts with practical and customized engineering thinking and creativity for using engineering tools.
  • Providing training courses for cloud-based AI service development to nurture cloud and artificial intelligence experts.

Dept. Media Creator

Nurturing one-person media experts who focus on fieldwork to lead future industry

  • Encouraging video content experts with skills to shoot and edit videos.
  • Encouraging SNS content experts who can plan, produce and run SNS.
  • Building and deploying the best video production infrastructure in Korea.

Dept. Computer Engineering

Cultivating creative convergence visual media design experts with creative ideas and excellent analytical skills as visual language communication experts

  • Fostering talents with design thinking skills and creativity based on strengthening the basic knowledge of design major
  • Recognizing the importance of visual language and cultivating digital design marketers who can plan and market content with a high design perspective

Dept. Child Care and Education

Fostering child care workers with the right personality and expertise to be responsible for the health, safety, and overall development of infants and toddlers.

  • Nurturing child care professionals with child care and counseling skills.
  • Nurturing integrated disability care professionals who care for infants and toddlers with disabilities.
  • Nurturing daycare management experts with the ability to manage and lead daycare centers.

Dept. Lifelong Education

Training for job changes and other challenges through lifelong learning.

  • Training for becoming a lifelong educator with essential qualifications in the age of lifelong learning.
  • Operating specialized programs to train integrated lifelong education experts.
  • Offering the opportunity to earn dual degrees in lifelong education and child and adolescent counseling.
Dept. Business Administration

Cultivating creative, entrepreneurial, professional managers who will lead in a knowledge-based society.

  • Cultivating talented individuals who can demonstrate leadership in all business environments by teaching business theories and practical knowledge that can be applied in various organizations such as governments, schools, religious institutions, businesses, and for-profit organizations.
  • Cultivating professional, creative and convergent competence in management experts.

Dept. Food Service Management

Fostering creative catering management experts who can lead the catering industry in the age of fourth industry and artificial intelligence.

  • Providing training for systematic acquisition of management theory and practical knowledge for restaurant management as well as professional, creative, and convergent capabilities.
  • Cultivating catering management professionals with a sense of the catering, distribution, foodstuff, franchise businesses and government agencies.

Dept. Health Administration

Training smart healthcare professionals who realize new healthcare services.

  • Training healthcare professionals to work at the cutting edge of healthcare administration and provide needed healthcare services.
  • Providing training courses to help students become health educators and hospital administrators.

Dept. Food Service Management

We foster convergence-type welfare talents equipped with social welfare and big data technologies. The Social Welfare Big Data Major aims to train professional social workers who can perform tasks such as big data utilization and analysis skills required in the social welfare field.

  • Cultivating social welfare program analysis experts with the ability to plan and evaluate social welfare programs based on big data
  • Cultivating case management data analysis experts with professional skills such as case management analysis and coordination

Developmental Rehabilitation Psychological Service

developmental rehabilitation psychological service major that supports the functional improvement and behavioral development of children with disabilities, such as cognition, communication, adaptive behavior, sensory and motor, through counseling and treatment.

  • Cultivation of experts in convergence of developmental rehabilitation psychological services equipped with counseling and rehabilitation knowledge
  • provide education and psychological counseling for children with disabilities and their families.