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Graduation Requirements

The registration semester must be 4 years (8 semesters) or longer. However, early graduation is an exception.
  • A total of 140 credits or more must be acquired.
  • Credits must be completed in accordance with the curriculum requirements.
  • Those eligible for early graduation must have a GPA of 3.0 or higher.
  • You must not cheat during the exam period.

Graduation degree conferment

Those who meet the graduation requirements and pass the graduation process will be awarded a bachelor's degree according to the type of degree (Table 1). (Table 1) Bachelor’s degree by degree type Undergraduate major degree

Graduation degree conferment - line, Department degree name composed of
line Department degree name
Humanities and Social Sciences Department of Family and Youth Counseling history of literature
Counseling Psychology
Department of Psychotherapy
Senior Welfare Department Bachelor of Social Welfare
Department of Social Welfare Management
Department of Social Welfare
Department of Rehabilitation Counseling and Welfare
Department of Child Care history of literature
Department of Lifelong Education Bachelor of Education
Business Administration Bachelor of Business Administration
Department of Food Service Management
Department of Health Administration Bachelor of Health
Department of Video Creator Bachelor of Media
science and engineering Department of Computer Science and Engineering Bachelor of Engineering
  • Those unable to graduate during the first semester may be awarded a degree after re-graduating in the second semester.