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The short-term curriculum for enhancing adult learners' competencies is based on vocational and job-related core competencies and fostering convergence experts. Anyone can take courses for free through KOCW (Korea Open Course Ware), an open university course (issuance of a certificate of completion of the president's name for each curriculum) 

Raising the social engagement of ‘60+ Active Seniors’

E.E (Elder care for Elder) service specialists are those who provide daily living support services using technology needed for home support, emotional support, and health care support based on identified desires to improve quality of life by meeting the needs of care service clients.

Features of the course
  • Basic vocational and literacy skills for E.E (Elder care for Elder) service providers
  • Homemaking support, emotional support, technical training to support health care and training to improve smartphone usability
Course composition
  • Basic Learning : E.E (Elder care for Elder) service
  • Main Study : Food in old age activities and actions with horses, leisure use for the vital life of older people
  • In-depth learning : Enjoying healthy living in old age with smartphones and senior counseling for healing and sharing
  • Course hours : 270 hours (6 subjects)

A curriculum for middle-aged women and women with career breaks to expand their employment opportunities as caring childcare workers

Child care professionals respect the parenting policies of the primary caregiver and protect and care for children under the age of 12 by providing proper child care and supporting daily-life activities like meals and play until the children are released to their parents. Services can be provided from your home.

Features of the course
  • Educational content related to NCS-based child care competency unit elements (social services, religion and child care, child care)
  • HomemakingEducational content based on on-site needs assessment (basic occupational skills)
Course composition
  • Basic Learning : The first step into childcare
  • Main Study : From childcare A to Z, fun play lexicon for children, healthy and safe living environments for children and mental health recipes for children
  • In-depth learning : Child care service management
  • Course hours : 270 hours (6 subjects)

A small but mighty protagonist for a healthy society: I am a nursing assistant!
KSA curriculum to strengthen the capacity of nursing assistants for hospital administration

This course provides training in basic nursing support in the field of healthcare along with training required to perform hospital administration tasks in response to changes in the medical environment.

Sequential operation according to NCS job level

Features of the course
  • Training to improve understanding and response to changes in the social environment of health care
  • Training on the ability to build relationships with clients and organization members
Course composition
  • Basic Learning : (Knowledge (K) focus) health information management and health medical law
  • ain Study : (Technology (S) focus) requirement to audit medical care services, hospital administration, and organizational management
  • In-depth learning : (Recruitment (A) focus) medical social care practice and medical benefits counseling
  • Course hours : 270 hours (6 subjects)

Cloud-based, hands-on AI service developer training for incumbents in IT knowledge-services

Cloud-based AI is a service that provides users with an infrastructure and platform to implement artificial intelligence in a cloud environment more easily and quickly. This curriculum aims to cultivate "cloud-based practical AI service developers" by retraining IT knowledge-service-related incumbents so that technology gaps between enterprises can be addressed and artificial intelligence services can be deployed quickly and stably.

Features of the course
  • Fostering highly specialized talent through cloud-based artificial intelligence technology training
  • Minimizing the skills gap between enterprises through hands-on training
Course composition
  • Basic Learning : Understanding and convergence of artificial intelligence, cloud computing and AI services (training focused on knowledge discovery skills)
  • Main Study : Data analysis and visualization for AI development, Python-based AI programming, building and using cloud infrastructure (technology development competency focused education)
  • In-depth learning : Use and application of AI frameworks and development of cloud-based AI services (training focused on the ability to use development tools)
  • Course hours : 315 hours (7 subjects)

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