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Busan Digital University

Psychological Counseling Center

BDU’s Psychological Counseling Center provides psychological counseling services to promote mental health for the local community.

Psychological Tests

  • Cognitive function test: Intelligence and attention test
  • Emotion tests: MMPI Test, MBTI Test, HTP (House-Tree-Person) Test, Sentence Completion Test, Rorschach Test
  • Career Aptitude Test

Individual / Family Counseling

  • Psychological counseling services for the psychological health of individuals and families

Group Counseling

  • Group counseling, art therapy, and mindfulness therapy for achievement of self-growth and social skills

Certificate Programs

  • Clinical counselor, Art psychologist, Counseling psychology specialist. Training courses are open to students

How to Apply

  1. STEP 01Apply 
  2. STEP 02Pre-counseling 
  3. STEP 03Counseling 
  4. STEP 04Support program after counseling